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Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

In medicine, plastic surgery and dermatology often overlap to help patients feel and look their best. Although the two require different training and provide different services to patients, they are closely related in cosmetic and health solutions. Burt & Will Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is a comprehensive practice which offers board-certified plastic surgeons and a… Read More »

Our Sample Treatment Plans for Ethnic Rhinoplasty

When it comes to selecting a surgeon for your ethnic rhinoplasty, you want to ensure they have been well-versed in the unique features of your ethnic group’s nose.  Then, it is important for you both to create a treatment plan that will help you reach your cosmetic goals. Here are examples of ethnic rhinoplasty treatment plans… Read More »

5 Things to Know About Facelifts

When it comes to facial rejuvenation, nothing delivers quite like a facelift. If you are considering this procedure, we’ve compiled five very important things to know about facelifts in the infographic below! Over 100,000 facelifts were performed in the U.S. in 2016. Half of the facelifts were performed on patients between the ages of 51… Read More »

Our Guide to Making the Most of Your Facelift Recovery

We know that preparing for your facelift is both and exciting and a little stressful.  It is exciting because you will achieve the rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed look you want, and stressful because you don’t know what the healing process will be like.  At Burt and Will Plastic Surgery, we understand your feelings. This guide… Read More »

Facelift Incisions: How to Minimize Scarring and Look Better than Ever

At Burt and Will Plastic Surgery we just say “no” to visible scarring.  If you are thinking about having a facelift but are concerned about obvious scarring, let us help.  You will find yourself in good hands when you select an experienced plastic surgeon to perform your facelift.  As board certified plastic surgeons, we are… Read More »