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Unmasking and Treating Melasma

  Often called the pregnancy mask, melasma is a skin pigmentation disorder which affects patients of all skin types making them feel unattractive and self-conscious. It is most common with women with darker skin tones which adds difficulty in treating this chronic skin disorder. Many dermatologists list it as the most common skin disorder next… Read More »

It’s that time of year again. The time when your skin needs help from being out in the elements all summer. Excess sun and wind can damage facial skin causing a dull complexion which needs help with tone and texture. The big question, however, is what’s best for your skin? With different treatments available to… Read More »

Is Your At-Home Skincare Routine Cutting it?

Is your medicine cabinet filled with facial scrubs, masks, and peels? And if so, are they cutting it when it comes to delivering clean and healthy skin? More times than not, clogged pores, dull complexion, acne, and other chronic skin issues require the services of a skin care professional. Here’s why: Education and Training Although… Read More »

Getting Relief from Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that shows itself in rashes where the skin appears red, dry, scaly, and itchy. It can be inherent in the way the skin has been built, or it could have developed due to outside environmental factors. Either way, there are several ways that patients can get relief. Read our infographic below to… Read More »

Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

In medicine, plastic surgery and dermatology often overlap to help patients feel and look their best. Although the two require different training and provide different services to patients, they are closely related in cosmetic and health solutions. Burt & Will Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is a comprehensive practice which offers board-certified plastic surgeons and a… Read More »