When you first acquired your tattoo, it was likely a source of pride or strength. Now that you’ve decided to have it removed, Limelight Medspa can give you a state-of-the-art tattoo removal option to help you restore that mindset: we make the removal process as smooth and pain-free as possible to reinstate your pride and confidence in your skin and body.

Unwanted tattoos can cause psychological problems, especially if they are easily visible. In the past, tattoo removal was a painful, complicated process that resulted in massive scarring and often required skin grafts.

Fortunately, today’s laser technology allows Dr. Tripti Burt and Dr. Neena Will at Limelight Medspa in Chicago to perform laser tattoo removal in a safe and effective way.

Laser Tattoo Removal is your best option

The Hoya Con Bio MedLite IV laser system stands out among other cosmetic laser systems because it offers one of the most powerful Q-switched laser systems available on the market. With the Hoya Con Bio MedLite IV laser machine, Dr. Tripti Burt and Dr. Neena Will and their nursing staff at Limelight Medspa, have the option of putting this powerful laser to work for multi-color tattoos on most skin types.

Similarly, if your age spots or birthmarks have caused you shame or insecurity, our services can help you achieve the spot-free skin you have always dreamed of without scarring.

Limelight Medspa stays current with all advancements in the field of laser skin and body treatments. We are one of the few Chicago-based Medspas to use the MedLite IV Laser System for tattoo removal treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the tattoo removal laser process work?

After your initial consultation, your first session will be scheduled. The treatment takes on average 30-60 minutes depending on complexity and colors of your tattoo.

After your first treatment your tattoo will start to fade, and will continue to fade over the next six to eight weeks. Treatments are typically done every 4-6 weeks, and will require multiple treatments to achieve an adequate response.

Who are the best candidates for this treatment?

Any tattoo can be treated with our state-of-the-art laser technology. Treatments are tailored based on the tattoo we are treating and are based on the color(s) of the tattoo, age, and the original application of the tattoo (professional or amateur).

How do I take care of my tattoo after I have my treatment?

The treated tattoo will have a superficial wound. This wound will take one to two weeks to heal. Wound care will likely be needed twice daily until the treatment sites are completely healed.

You may experience some discomfort after this treatment. Tylenol and/or an ice pack applied over the treatment site will usually provide adequate pain relief.

What are the risks of this treatment?

With any laser treatment there are risks associated with treatment. Risks include: Infections, blistering, crusting, redness, pain, skin color change, incomplete resolution, and multiple treatments sessions. Following our post treatment care instructions will minimize any of the above risks.

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