While skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world, catching and treating the disease in its early stages offers the best chances of a cure. The Burt & Will Plastic Surgery & Laser Center is proud to offer a wide range of medical dermatology services for the screening and treatment of skin cancer to our Naperville and Hinsdale patients.

Skin Cancer Screening

At Burt & Will, we know that preventative care is one of the foundations of medical dermatology. It’s why we offer skin cancer screening, a visual inspection of your skin to catch symptoms of skin cancer. During the exam, your doctor will examine moles, lesions, and feel the nearby lymph nodes. We offer full face and full body screenings.

Same Day Biopsies

As part of our retinue of medical dermatology procedures, we also offer same day biopsies; if the doctor suspects that a certain area might be skin cancer, a small portion of the skin will be removed on the same day and sent to a lab to be examined. Patients will be given a local anesthetic to make sure the procedure is completely painless.

Skin Cancer Removal

Our renowned surgeons can also perform skin cancer excisions in the comfort and safety of one of our medical offices. Our surgeons believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between medical dermatology and healthy, flawless skin. With our surgeons’ extensive plastic surgery background, we have the ability to make sure each excision won’t leave a noticeable deformity on your face or body.

Medical and Laser-Based Treatments

One of the most essential medical dermatology procedures we offer are medical and laser-based treatments for precancerous lesions. A precancerous lesion is an area of the body that your physician has determined to have some risk of turning cancerous. If we suspect that you have a precancerous lesion, we can remove the area using surgical means, either through laser techniques, curettage and electrodessication, or an in-office excision. Our laser systems offer minimal-downtime treatments for precancerous lesions; using heat energy, our laser systems eliminate the layers of skin affected by precancerous cells without ever using a single cut or incision. The IPL Photofacial laser with ALA is a light induced medication that can help eliminate precancerous lesions.

Mohs Surgery

The Mohs procedure is one of the most effective skin cancer removal techniques; it removes the affected tissue little by little, layer by layer. As each layer of tissue is removed, it’s also examined to determine the precise borders of the skin cancer. If you are undergoing the Mohs procedure with another doctor, we commonly work with local dermatologists to help perform the reconstruction portion of the skin cancer removal to minimize scarring and maximize your end-result. These procedures can involve using local tissue or grafting skin from other parts of the body. Reconstruction can be performed under local anesthesia or under sedation depending on your needs.


Almost every patient has dealt with or knows someone who has dealt with acne. It is a common skin disease that affects people during and after adolescence. Due to the buildup of the naturally occurring oils in our skin and dead skin cells, your pores start to clog, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. This results in redness, pimples, and whiteheads. The severity of acne can vary patient to patient. Treatment options vary depending on the type and severity of acne. Medical-grade skin care is a great way to start treatment. Our BW skincare line includes an acne Clear Skin kit that uses treatments pads that are easy to use—especially for teenagers. Other treatment options include oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, IPL Photofacial with ALA (include link again), or laser treatments to help minimize redness and/or scarring. Our board-certified plastic surgeons specialize in reducing acne scarring for all skin types.

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